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Why We Stage Homes [spoiler... it's not just because we like throw pillows]

There's two things we know for sure... 1 - Savvy and modern home Buyers have started seeking out their own HGTV-esque experience. And 2 - Sellers, well, many don't have the know-how, time or resources to provide it. What's the big deal, though? You just add some throw pillows and a plop a bowl of lemons on the kitchen counter, right?

Well, we wish it were that simple...

Katie began including staging and styling services for her clients in 2010 and has

seen first-hand how great home staging leads to better marketing materials, more showings, less days on market AND home sales at a premium price. So, we offer this complimentary service to all our clients, no matter what the home is valued at.

We could preach staging all day OR we could share some success stories. We took a vote and decided it's STORY TIME! There are many to tell, but these two are top of mind.

A Broker friends of ours in Madison referred her clients to us. They had moved out of a farmhouse located in downtown Tosa in a fantastic location. They had multiple agents tell them to price it below it's market value and they felt uncertain about the advice they were getting. They came to us for a pricing opinion and advice on what they "needed to do" to sell the home.

These are two questions we get all the time. In this case, we determined that we could price it for $30k MORE than what the others had recommended based on our market knowledge and our confidence in our staging abilities. As far as prep work, the home was vacant and had been very much lived in. What it needed was a good clean and staging to showcase its potential to the buyer pool.

before and after...

So then what happened?!

Our clients received multiple offers within days and closed for $30k more than they had been told to list it for originally. AND everyone lived happily ever after...

Just one more?

Ok, ok. This one, well this one starts off sad because we had the listing appointment and didn't get the listing! The Sellers decided to go with another brokerage. We had provided home prep guidance that when done, we knew would sell their home. The other agent guided them to put it on the market 'as-is'....

Well, it sat on the market for months. And they even lowered the price. And the listing expired.... twice.

And that's when we got the call to come back. The house had fantastic bones, space and a good location, it simply needed to be updated for the Buyer pool to see its potential!

We had new light fixtures installed, painted walls and cabinetry and installed new carpet in key areas. We then furnished and styled the home, brought in professional photographers and marketed the home AND within DAYS, we had multiple offers! See, this story had a happy ending, too!

check out the before and after...

SO, this my friends is why we're always all ...

"stage. Stage. STAGE!" and "Hire an experienced, proven Realtor!" (Like us *wink wink*)

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Corcoran Realty & Co is an Indie Full Service Brokerage serving Milwaukee and surrounding areas, where home staging, beautiful photography and exceptional marketing is always included. And while our imagery is literally scroll-stopping, it is our keen negotiation skills, industry knowledge, relationships and home anatomy expertise that gets our clients to closing day.

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