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Virtual School Space? #yougotthis

Remember in March when you had to quickly toss together a virtual learning space (or home office!) Well, it's time we revisit our virtual zones and get ready to re-vamp!

Whether your kids are going back to school full-time, part-time or not at all it is so important to consider the space they are learning in. NOTE: These tips and tricks were written with at-home learning spaces with kids in mind, but easily apply to work spaces, too.

1. First things first, consider the kid! Are they primary schoolers OR older kiddos?

Pick a space that will provide comfort yet will allow them to focus. Preschool/elementary kiddos typically need to be where the action is and have access to an adult for questions. Older kids who are not as susceptible to distraction from noise and activity would likely do better in a bedroom or area with enclosed doors.

2. With that in mind, choose a learning zone!

Some spaces that may lend themselves to learning would be a minimally used dining room, a finished basement, a corner of the kitchen or possibly a nook under the stairs. If able, consider clearing out the closet that holds all your seasonal stuff (place it in clear storage bins under beds for the time being) and turning that space into a study area. If space is tight consider a wall mounted fold up desk and rolling carts for storage.

3. In the zone? Get organized.

Once you've determined the learning zone determine how your child will stay organized. The more clutter the harder it is to concentrate. Make items like pencils, markers, scissors etc. easy to grab (avoid storage items with lids for younger children as they become frustrated and will avoid using). Consider upright file folders with labels for completed work and work that needs to be completed. If desk space is limited consider going vertical with a wall mounted storage unit or again a rolling cart may be your best bet! Add a wall calendar to keep track of days off or important dates. A corkboard could be added as well to showcase accomplished homework assignments or reminder notes.

4. Lastly, have you thought about noise?

If space is limited in the house and there is potential for distraction look into white noise. There are numerous apps that can be downloaded right onto a tablet or chrome book or affordable noise machines can be purchased online. Additionally access to some fidget objects may be needed. Stress balls, squishies and erasers are amongst the few that may help.


If you are able to create multiple spaces in the home one for learning and one for reading do so. Kids do well with scenery and position changes.


  1. Letsfit white noise machine ~$20

  2. SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty 3-tier metal utility cart ~$35

  3. Koogel Stress Relief balls ~$25

  4. Wall mounted folding laptop desk Hideaway storage drawer ~$200

  5. Mesh Medium Desktop organizer, white, Made by Design ~$10.00

  6. 4N1 Magnetic Dry Erase Combo board ~$22

  7. YU YUSing Desk ~$130

Have any of your own tips?! Do share!

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