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Thankful for #Home {show & tell}

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

We're all spending a wee bit more time at home than usual, are we right? With T-day around the corner and the team at Corcoran Realty & Co. staying put as much as we are able, we're looking back at 2020, reflecting on own spaces and feeling petty thankful!

As such, it seems like the perfect time to show off some of our own home projects. Check em' out! BTW, 4 out of the 6 following improvements were overseen by our #1 contractor, Andy Lopac of Best in Class remodeling. Let's start with our resident Stylist, Courtney!

Courtney's Colonial in Whitefish Bay

"My husband and I bought our Whitefish Bay Dutch Colonial in 2012 and have pretty much updated the whole home except for the basement (that project is coming soon!). There are even a few areas we have remodeled TWICE. I know. I know. Insert eye roll here.

In all honesty though it is very hard to predict how a space will function until you are truly using it.

Take our front entry space... In 2013 I decided to replace the front entry existing closet with a “mudroom” type concept with a bench, hooks and overhead storage. Our contractor removed the whole closet and also replaced the front door to reconfigure the way it opened into the room. A few years went by and I was getting VERY frustrated with the bench portion. It became a dumping ground for EVERYTHING. I wanted coats and backpacks hidden behind a door not out in the open.

So I decided it was back to the drawing board. I started to reimagine the space with floor to ceiling cabinets and lots of coat hooks and storage components. Once I had a vision I met with a contractor and cabinet maker and my vision came to life.

A few months into living the revamped space and we are LOVING it. For me the ability to hide clutter is key. Now I need to spend time organizing it!" -Courtney

What Was Once Just a Window... Cali's Deck in Glendale

"We just moved in this year! We desperately wanted an outdoor space for our 2 year old, Sunny and our pup, Nora! SO, we added a deck! To a place where there was literally nothing but a window. Well actually, Best In Class Remodeling built it!

We used composite decking instead of wood decking because it lasts longer. It was about 25% more expensive, but worth it for longevity. We went with vinyl railings to save money because the composite railing was the most expensive railing option we were given and I think the vinyl still looks great!

Also, that's Nora being a very good girl and "staying" while I took these pictures." -Cali

Jill's Wonderful Wallpaper In Whitefish Bay

"I actually quite like the bathroom wallpaper of 1927 tudor when we moved in. Everyone commented on it's um, style. But I liked it. And then I noticed a corner peeling. And then I pulled it. And then a day later I had ripped it all off. Whoops! I didn't know what I wanted to do, but grabbed some peel and stick wallpaper from everyone's favorite store, Target, and went at it. It was a terrible pain to match the lines and so I did not. And the white paint has to go (says Courtney), but this is a start! And I want to add a hanging plant for some verticality soon. We also replaced the light fixture and mirror. I dig it!" -Jill

Let The Sun Shine In! Ashley's Skylight Update

"This is home project you don't hear about every day! We updated our home’s skylights. the old windows didn’t let the light shine through in quite the same way and were on their way to their demise. These are so much fresher looking! We also added electric blinds that we can control to mitigate sun if needed!" - Ashley

Sam's Master Makeover in West Allis

"Last fall my husband, three dogs, and I embarked on a very large renovation, which entailed putting two very large holes in our roof! We dormered out the back and front of our house to create the ULTIMATE MASTER. .It was a long process and plenty of tough decisions along the way. We now have a very functional office, large airy master bedroom (which features my FAVORITE color Black Evergreen), a unique master ensuite, and a closet about the size of our old bedroom! I got to make the design choices (although they were questioned quite often) but couldn't be happier with the finished product. Our dogs are relieved... their days are quiet and relaxed now that all the renovation hustle and bustle is complete!

Onto the next project...Katie's basement renderings has me thinking my basement needs some TLC!" -Sam

Katie's Basement Reno in Fox Point

"We are so excited to be finishing our basement this fall. It was actually planned that we would be doing it in fall of 2019, but I went and surprised myself and opened up my own brokerage instead, so the project was delayed. Goodness, when covid hit and we were locked down, I had really wished that we had the extra space in our house. I was doing zoom calls with my 8 year old in his robe walking past me… I realized the importance of having office space at home. (I usually work from my dining room table or desk in the kitchen). We are going to add an office/guest room, wet bar & room for a pool table, rec space for tons of Fortnite and Packers games, a full bathroom and the laundry room of Dan’s dreams (lol... actually he doesn’t care yet, but he will). And finally, what I have deemed my “pain cave”…a room just big enough for my treadmill to fit. 

I HATE making decisions for my own house, it’s way easier to give other people my opinion on their homes. The finishes I am choosing are not anything that I would ever advise anyone to do to sell their home. I am making choices that work best for our family and aesthetics that will make me happy (the boys in my household don’t care about the look). Looking forward to quarantining in my basement this winter! Check out the mood boards and work in progress!" - Katie

What home project are you looking forward to?!

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