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Practicing Socially Responsible Real Estate

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We can all agree that business as usual has recently become, uhh, a bit tricky. This past week brought me back to 2008-2009 recession. We took a quick mental field trip to the time and quickly recalled that it was still a good time for buyers and sellers alike. How so? We simply recalibrated our approach.

And so we find ourselves again here today, quickly adjusting our process as a matter of social responsibility, while still serving our clients and emphasizing safety and health as we continue to achieve their real estate goals. We got this.

(Take note: the Covid-19 pandemic is a different beast than the Great Recession).

Corcoran Realty & Co. Covid-19 Method

Buyers Guide

We get that one size does not fit all. We will be working with our clients to determine an approach both parties are most comfortable with, while abiding by the COVID-19 recommendations by the CDC.

  • Buyer Consultations will happen virtually, We’ll set up a video chat on Zoom, Google Hangout, Facetime, Skype… whatever works best.

  • In Person Showing(s) Safety first! To start, we’ll ensure no overlapping in showings. Other precautions: in occupied listings of CRC we ask that all Buyers & agents wear masks, gloves and/or sanitized hands, only the actual Buyers are to be at showings (exceptions for party acting on Buying parties behalf), No use of bathrooms and limit the touching of surfaces. Sellers will be encouraged to open all closet doors, etc.

  • Rather Stay Home or Feeling Sick? We get that too. And because we often tour homes on behalf of out of town buyers, this is not a new process for us. Katie will arrange the showing(s) and provide a home tour via FaceTime, WeChat or WhatsApp.

  • Writing Offers will happen virtually. Again, we’ll set up a video chat and guide you through it. Signatures can be done digitally as well.

Sellers Guide

Listing your home does not have to wait. We’ve added these important steps to our Step-by-Step Home Sellers Guide.

  • 3-D Tours - all Corcoran Realty & Co listings have always had 3D tours of above grade levels, in addition, we’ll be include 3D basement tours

  • NO Open Houses that’s just irresponsible

  • Showings will be scheduled 30 minutes apart to ensure no overlapping visitors

  • Occupied Listings We will work with our Sellers to determine if they will be requesting people entering their home will be wearing gloves/masks, and what other precautions that they would like them to take. This includes buyers, agents, inspectors & appraisers. We ensure no one has access to your home without agreeing to the rules our Seller sets.

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What's Next?

Have questions? Comments? Looking for a copy of our Buyers and/or Sellers Step-by-Step Guide? Contact us here.

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