• Katie Corcoran

Pimp Out Your Patio

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

The sun is officially starting to shine more and the trees are budding! But if you're like us, there is just one problem... THE CLOUDS STILL LOOM OVER YOUR PATIO.

Never fear, your patio pimping pals are here with the official:

Quick Start Guide To Patio Perfection

STEP ONE - Define your space (or spaces if you're fancy).

Are you an entertainer and prefer a big table adorned with flowers and charcuterie boards? Or do you prefer a small quaint space to dine and a larger area to lounge? OR perhaps you have have space for both!

STEP TWO - Determine your theme.

Do you like Boho or maybe a coastal vibe. Are you thinking more tropical or maybe modern and streamlined?

STEP THREE - Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest.

It's always good to see your theme in action and in a space that may be similar to yours.

STEP FOUR - Make a list & research the options!

Once you feel you have a good idea of your look, make a list. List out the items you already have and ones you need to purchase. Maybe your bistro set just needs fresh spray paint. We love using Rust-oleum for a quick easy face lift.

Maybe you have a great table and chairs but you just need a new set of seat cushions, an umbrella and maybe a rug if you want to define multiple areas. Some of our favs:

BONUS TIP: When looking for budget friendly items, consider waiting for sales or even hitting up some neighborhood garage sales!


Once you've tackled the furniture consider going green... with plants! You can add planters or if you are working with a tight space consider a more vertical option. AND if you don’t have a lot of time or energy to adorn your patio with living plants, you can always go faux!


Consider adding some lighting. String lights can add some elegance to your space whether you line your fence with them or add an anchor/pole in the yard or a planter.

STEP SEVEN - Finalize with fire!

There are many options to either just create some ambience or add some pizazz with a lot of heat...Gas or wood burning.

And voila! Your patio is now impressive!! Now, show us yours!

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