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Paint Picking Paralysis? Fret Not!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Choosing paint colors can seem daunting and overwhelming, but fret not my friend! Here are four foolproof (although not scientifically proven) tips to help you find your perfect paint match.

DON'T MISS THE BONUS INSPO BELOW: Our team is here to inspire you with the stories of how they met their match!


Avoid choosing a color based on a magazine photo or paint swatch. Between the photo editing and the printing process the color can look completely different in real life! Additionally the color swatch is very small and can appear different when contrasting with its swatch neighbors. Your best bet is to buy an actual sample can and test it at home!


Once you've got those sample cans at home, try them on your wall. Avoid testing multiple different colors in the same area as the colors can look different next to each other. Additionally test your color by the trim and not in the middle of the wall. Use a large amount to get a good feel for the look.


Once you've narrowed down your choices paint a sample board and test the color next to the furniture, flooring, trim etc. Consider taking the sample board outside and see how it looks in the light. If your room gets a lot of light this may be more representative of how the color will look in your room!


Have fun! And enjoy. The beauty of paint is that it is not permanent and can be changed out fairly easily. So put on All The Single Ladies and soak in that nugget of wisdom while you browse Pinterest for your perfect paint match. (But don't forget about step #1!)


We've included our favorite paint colors at Corcoran Realty Co. and the stories of how we met them below... Maybe your perfect match is listed below!

How Katie Found Iron Ore

"When choosing a color for our new basement remodel, I wanted to do something totally different; a dark color on the wall, to give our basement a very cozy “club room” feel. We have a mid-century house, so I felt like a dark grey/almost black would be the right move. I just started perusing colors and feel in love with Iron Ore. Side Note: Ever since I saw the 1987 classic movie Maid to Order (featuring Ally Sheedy) I have wanted a dark room. In that movie, she has a black bedroom with white left a forever impression with me."

Ashley & Argos Forever

"This is SO FUN! Mine is Argos by Sherwin Williams. It's the perfect tone for most any room and takes on a little different characteristic depending on the wood it's against. It's light enough to feel airy but it also provides a level of toasty comfort." - Ashley

How Modern Mocha Chose Cali...

"Sometimes, a color just chooses you! This is a newer color that I discovered via a post by @ispydiy, a local MKE designer that I follow. She did her bathroom in this color and when I saw it, it felt like she painted her walls the color of my aura! It actually has a bit more of a rust or orange to it once painted. It's the perfect fall color, too!"

Courtney Two Times w/ Alabaster + Naval

"Gahhhh choosing a paint color/s is SO Fun! My choice for a favorite color is two fold. We recently added a two story addition to our Whitefish Bay Dutch Colonial. Initially I chose Sherwin Williams Alabaster for everything trim and walls (different finishes of course) . The reason I went with Alabaster was for it’s “greige” undertones as opposed to a stark white that has cool undertones and can lean more blue. Alabaster just feels timeless and brings warmth to any space.

After living in the space though I needed a pop of color. I struggled to figure out what that “pop” was until I met Sherwin Williams Naval. I found Navel to be so calming and inviting...perfect for my dining room accent wall. Be patient with color. A lot of times it will come to you!"

Sam Had To Fight For Black Evergreen

"Black Evergreen from Behr! I chose this color for an accent in my newly renovated master bedroom. I love the contrast it has against the white trim and the depth it brings to a large open space. I had to stick with my gut with this color choice as it was bold and not what my husband had envisioned. This color had me excited the whole renovation, I painted the walls myself as I could not wait any longer to see it. Even after hours of painting, this color still makes me smile!"

White Dove - It Just Made Sense For Jill

"Mine is White Dove by Benjamin Moore! This is the color that our kitchen cabinets were when we moved into our Tudor 3 years ago. When we went to paint the taupe dining room adjacent to the kitchen, I chose this color simply because I knew it would at least match. I know... super deep reasoning. BUT every time I walk into our Dining Room it's just so bright and sunny and airy and makes me go ahhhhhhh.... "

Already know your perfect paint match?! Do share!

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