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Mad About Rugs? Us Too.

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Are you mad about rugs OR are they literally driving you mad?! For us, it's definitely both. There are just so many options and selecting the right one can be overwhelming. And if you're like us, you may have even gone through multiple options before finding the perfect rug. Well, no more! It's time to stop and do the research.

Top 5 Considerations

Cozy, chic, sophisticated? The rugs that you choose for each space in your home help determine the feel and vibe of the whole room! So, where to start? These are your TOP 5 Considerations:

  1. Color(s)

  2. Pattern

  3. Material

  4. Size

  5. Cost

COLOR SELECTION. Consider the room. Is the furniture more neutral or is it more bold and colorful? Do you have window treatments? Are their accent colors throughout the room on pillows or shelving?

If you have more bold furniture and lots of color in your space, look for more of a neutral color rug. If you have more neutral colored furniture and accents, add some flare to your room and make an impact with a more colorful rug.

TIP: Some colors can hide stains better than others so you if you have kiddos or pets keep this in mind.

SOLID OR PATTERN? Speaking of stains, a solid color rug does tends to show stains more unless it's a jute type of rug that has some grit and texture. Those can actually hide stains! Again, if you tend to have a lot of patterns in your curtains and throw pillows then a solid rug will likely work better.

Patterned rugs tend to help at hiding dirt and can give some pizzazz to a neutral themed room.

If you do have patterns elsewhere in the room and you still want a patterned rug, consider the pattern size. If you have a large pattern on the curtains go smaller patterned on the rug and vice versa.

MATERIAL - Synthetic v. Natural Fibers. Synthetic fiber rugs such as polypropylene or acrylic are usually less expensive although can wear faster in high traffic areas.

Natural fibers such as wool or cotton tend to last longer but are higher in price. Also wool rugs can shed a lot and be a nuisance if you have darker stained hardwood floors the rug is placed on top of.

SIZE MATTERS. As a rule of thumb bigger is better!

In the dining room make sure all the chairs fit on the rug and can pull out from the table and still be on the rug. You don’t want a chair half on or off the rug when pulled out

In the living room all the legs of the furniture should at least touch the rug. If the rug is not in touch with the furniture it can tend to look like it is floating in the space.

In the bedroom you want to make sure the rug is large enough that the whole bed is on top of it and when you step out of bed you are stepping onto the rug.

Pinterest has a world of guides on rug placement. We like this one from Apartment Therapy.

COST. There is a lot that goes into the cost of a rug. Materials used, brand, retailer, size, discount codes, etc. will affect price. Our best advice is to decide how much you want to spend and then shop around - in person or online. A lot of higher end rugs will have “dupes” (cheaper versions) at lower prices on Amazon, Target or Overstock (yay!). Also, it may be worth it to pay more for a higher traffic area or more visible room such as a living or dining area versus a bedroom.

BONUS TIP: If you are looking for a discount code and can't find one. Put the rug in your virtual shopping cart or “love it”. You may receive a discount code from the store if you wait a few days!

GENIUS TIP: Not ready to commit to a rug you haven't seen or touched? Purchase the smallest size, like a runner, so you can check it out first! They are cheaper and easier to return!

At the end of the day make rug shopping fun! Start a Pinterest board for inspiration. Clip out some rugs you like in magazines or catalogs you receive. It may take a few times to get it right but when you do that rug will be the showstopper of the room!

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