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Looking Back At The Listings We Loved in 2020

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

First of all, it's hard to choose our favorites. Every home we buy or sell has something unique or special about it. But our Marketing Manager, Jill, said we had to pick just ONE that will forever hold a space in our hearts. And you don't want to mess with Jill.

So, let's look back at the listings we loved in 2020! We'll start with Sam, to open the discussion...

This Listing Brings Back All The Nerves!

"I picked this Tosa charmer because it was where I hosted an open house for the very first time (way back when we hosted those!). Seeing this listing brings back all the nerves! It was a very active open house with many, many intrigued buyers. The staging done by Style Space made it so lovely and cozy that many buyers didn't want to leave"

- Sam, Licensed Sales Assistant

A Style Space Client, Upstaged By Style Space Staging

"My favorite listing this year was on Bobolink in Brookfield! The reason is two fold. Not only did I get to work with the homeowner to style their main living area but when it was time for them to move, I got to work with them on the sell side AND stage their home!" - Courtney, Home Stylist

A Magical Home In Whitefish Bay

"This year I'd have to go with one of the most magical homes in all of Whitefish Bay... 806 East Beaumont (aka the former Corcoran Homestead for 40 years). It's one of those homes that every passerby just wonders what it's like on the inside. It had a beautiful these tall ceilings and huge beautiful pocket doors in-between the living & dining room. My favorite part of that house was the front porch. I loved sitting in there during Halloween and watching all the trick or treaters. My husband's favorite part of the house was the turret on the 3rd floor. It was an unfinished hideaway just perfect for mischief when he was younger. All the Corcoran grandkids loved playing in the basement, they even had a secret lair perfect for hiding from adults. My son Sam climbed the big pine tree in the backyard when he was like 4 years old... it freaked me out, but the Corcoran's were cool as cucumbers. So to all those who pass by and wonder if that house is really so spectacular, well yes... it is. But for our family it's not just the physical property that made it special ~ its all the laughter, home cooked meals, Christmas mornings, family get togethers, frisbee in the street, playing ball in the backyard, our home base for the 4th of July, ping pong games galore... it's the moments and love that Tom, Joanne, Dave, Anne, Matt & Dan and the rest of us "tag-a-longs" brought to 806 that made it the best home in WFB." - Katie, Broker Owner

The Farmhouse That Literally Everyone Wanted.

"My favorite listing is hands down 1837 W. Glen Oaks in Mequon. Immediately upon walking in you feel comfortable and know it's been well maintained and loved. The lot is absolute serenity, when I stopped by for some paperwork there were 6 deer grazing in the back yard. Each room has it's own unique charm and character. It's rare I tell my husband I found our new house (who am I kidding, it happens a lot when we have so many amazing listings!) but this one really stole my heart." - Ashley, Senior Broker Associate

Mad For Mid-Centuries

"I loved this mid-century at 12337 NE Shoreland in Mequon. It was set back on this big private lot, had river frontage and access and it had this awesome mid-century style and tons of potential for improvements to make it your own." - Cali, Operations Manager

"It was a toss up for me! I just LOVE mid-century modern homes so when we had two in the same month I had to remember my role as a marketer and not "in the market"! My fav listing this year - 7921 Fairchild Road in Fox Point. This place was so well done and the styling was on-point. Original architectural features, check! Modern and appropriate updates, double check!" - Jill, Marketing & CX Manager

Um, how fun is window shopping Milwaukee real estate? Did you have a favorite listing this year? Do share and we'll share!

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