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Itching To Organize?! Start Smart In These Two Rooms.

If there is ever a time we have wanted a magic wand it is after the holidays. Our houses look like a tornado ransacked the place. SO MUCH STUFF EVERYWHERE.

Where oh where to start?!

Start smart by tackling the Kitchen and Living Room first. These areas are the most used rooms in the home and usually where company gathers. #letsdothis

The Kitchen - Food First

  1. Open the refrigerator, freezer and pantry and PURGE. Remove all outdated food, especially those condiments and snack foods! Group items by category... cheese sticks, yogurt, cereal etc.

  2. Use clear containers so you can easily see what you have. If you want to be next level... label those babies!

  3. Finish the job by wiping down all the surfaces. When you are done with this project you will feel like you can conquer the world!

The Kitchen - The ever-dreaded Tupperware Drawer.

Insider Tip: this one may require a glass of wine.

  1. Pull all of those tops and bottoms out and start the matching game (or have your kiddos do it while you move on to the next project).

  2. PURGE all containers you do not use. This will free up space for those you do or allow you to purchase new fresh containers.

  3. EXTRA Space Saver TIP: put smaller containers inside large ones.

  4. Stand back and admire that drawer for the five minutes it will stay that way.

The Kitchen - The “Water Bottles”

How many times do you open the cabinet to grab a quick water bottle and 8 fall out onto the floor? Well no more!

  1. Empty the cupboard and find matching tops and bottoms. PURGE the ones that you don’t reach for (which in our households there are numerous we don’t use).

  2. We have found that this water bottle storage organizer has been a saving grace and keeps you organized as it urges you to put the lid the bottle before storing.

Next Up - The Living Room

  1. If this is where kid's toys/games/etc. are, step one is always to PURGE. Donate or sell any unwanted items. This is a good habit to get into with new toys from the holidays coming into the home.

  2. Establish a drop zone. By this we mean find a bin/basket/box that can fit items that don’t belong, ie. kids books, toys, clothing, tablets, etc. Have a stair basket to put all things that require transportation upstairs. Each time you go up and down the stairs grab something and put it where it needs to go. Every night take 10 minutes (enlist a child, significant other, roommate to help) to empty the drop zone (if it isn’t already) to start fresh the next day!

  3. Use furniture that doubles as storage. Target has some affordable and aesthetically pleasing items that won’t break the bank...and just may save your sanity.

Of course these areas are just the tip of the iceberg in a home, but this is a great smart start indeed! Just remember these key steps when organizing any room:

  1. Purge

  2. Use organizing products to create a system


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