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Boob Lights Be Gone!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Answer this question? Do you have a lot of this type of light fixture (aka, the boob light) in your home?

If you've answered yes to this question, is it maybe time for a change? Guess what? Updating your fixtures doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. Let's Consider All The Things

1. Size & Type

Determine if you want the same size light and mount type (flush mount-installs flush to the ceiling and semi-flush install slightly off the ceiling).

DIYer Tips: make sure you measure the size of your current light. This is extremely important if you are ordering something different in size than current light. Consider taping of the new fixture size on the ceiling with painters tape to make sure it works in the space. Additionally, if ordering a semi flush mount make sure if above a door the door clears the light.

2. Pick A Finish

Do you want a metal look, fabric, beaded, or glass?

3. Plan Your Budget

One you know how much you want to spend, it's time to...

4. Hit The Internet

Start a search for your desired lights “antique bronze flush mount light fixture”. You may find the light you love is out of your price range, but there are a slew of sites with lower cost lighting that can pull off the same look for less (think Wayfair, Birch Lane, Walmart Home, Target, Home Depot, Amazon). It may take some time to search but there are a lot of high end dupes (twinners!) out there!

Feeling overwhelmed by options? Pick 3 that you love and look at them side by side, follow your gut to pick your favorite OR poll your friends on Facebook or Instagram!

5. Order And Install

Installing a light fixture actually is doable on your own, but hiring a Task Rabbit or calling your favorite electrician is just easy these days!

Here are a few of our favorite boob replacement light recommendations for less (most under $100!) to get you started from

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