• Katie Corcoran

Blank Wall Blues? We Got You.

Have a blank wall and no clue what to do? Hang in there (get it?!). We have five great ideas just for you!

#1 A Photo Gallery Wall

There is no better time than the present to print and display all those great pics of your family or furry friends that are just hiding out in your phone! There are SO many frame options out there, but we like the Ikea Lomviken Frame for it's subtle and clean style, plus it comes in loads of sizes The best part is it comes in at 7.99 per frame, so you can create your wall for a steal!

Ikea Lomviken Frame | $8
Gallery wall by Style Space with Lomviken Frames

#2 Shiplap!

Have your picture or artwork ready, but the wall is still missing a little pizzaz?! Or maybe it feels a tad unfinished? Consider adding some dimension and texture with Joanna's favorite... shiplap! What's awesome about shiplap is it is affordable (which means if you don’t like it years down the road you don’t have to feel guilty removing it), accessible (your local Home Depot is sure to have it) and it is pretty easy to install (there are many youtube videos out there showing you how). If you really want to jazz it up…..hang it vertically!

Vertical Shiplap Style

# 3 Peel and Stick Party!

Ready to do something totally different... we'll say it (and our 90’s selves CANNOT believe it) consider adding some flair and drama to a wall with WALLPAPER! We know the first thing that comes to mind is removal, ugh, and we get it. It just feels so permanent. But peel and stick versions out there make the entire process so much easier. Easier to hang, easier to remove. There are loads of DIY videos out there.

#4 Add Some Art!

Good ole fashion artwork is always in style. There are so many places to find beautiful pieces of art - local art shops, art shows/fairs, a local gift shop or online! If you're opting for online and affordable, there are many stores that offer digital printing and you can frame yourself OR you can utilize the digital download option and have an online print shop frame it and mail it to you! Consider one large print over your bed or sofa or multiple smaller prints work too. The opportunities are endless. We especially love Juniper Print Shop and

#5 Shelves Make Everything Better!

Last, but certainly not least... shelving! The beauty of shelving is that it can bring so much variety to the room. One of our favorite things to adorn shelves with are plants (real or faux!). They bring texture and life to the room. Additionally you can add family pictures, artwork, books, trinkets, etc. Stack your shelves on top of each other or spread them out and stagger them. Need more guidance on shelves? Read our post on getting #shelfie ready!

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