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4 Different Ways To Sell A Home

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Sometimes, just the thought of selling a home can overwhelm. At Corcoran Realty & Co. we want you to understand that you have options. There are many ways to sell a home, some of which don't involve a sign in your yard, open houses or even multiple showings.

We've closed on nearly 80 homes in 2020 alone and each situation was unique. Whether it's a relocation, liquidation of an investment, a family member's estate or a major life change requiring an upsize or downsize, we have a proven selling option that can work for YOU.

Here are four listing types that can be utilized to sell your home, demonstrated by four 2020 home sales that represent each type.

#1 Single-Party Listing

Maybe you’re not thinking about selling just yet, but we hear about a buyer who is looking for a home just like yours. This is like a "make me an offer and maybe I'll move" approach.

SINGLE-PARTY LISTING | 806 E. Beaumont Avenue | Klode Park Whitefish Bay | SOLD $875,000

#2 Delayed Listing

A great way To build “hype” before we open the doors to your home, we would choose this method. Often the most popular approach, pre-market efforts such as “Coming soon" sign(s) in your yard and Social Media previews create buzz for your property.

DELAYED LISTING | 2948 S. Delaware Ave. Bay View | SOLD $360,000

#3 Private Listing

When you're not in a rush to sell, yet have full intention of wanting to sell your home, and would prefer to keep your home sale quiet, this is a great approach.

PRIVATE LISTING | 2044 Erie Street | Grafton SOLD $495,000

#4 Quick / Surprise Listing

We prepare your home for market without pre-marketing the home (see Delayed). We simply make the home available for showings on a predetermined date and time to the delight of an unsuspecting home-buyer pool.

QUICK / SURPRISE LISTING | 619 N. Farwell Ave. #101 East Side MKE | SOLD $256,900

Which type of home sale would be most ideal for you and your unique situation?

If you're planning a move in 2021, now is the time to connect. Contact us today or dial (414)214-0335 to schedule your virtual or socially-distanced in-person home consultation.

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