• Katie Corcoran

2020 #CRCClientLove Event

A client appreciation event? In 2020? Yes, it can happen with a very creative idea and a crew of go-getters. Typically we would gather everyone at the warehouse, drench the place in lights, candles and sparkles, pop some champagne and nosh on delish catering. But this year... meh, who needs it?!

Instead we hosted our client family and friends (plus their pups!) at Trees For Less in Mequon. The air was fresh, the space was plentiful, smiling eyes were all around and our guests of honor could pick out some holiday cheer to take home and adorn their homes with!

These extraordinary people... they make the grind worth!

Got FOMO? Fret not, we always have room for more in our #CRCClientLove family. #letsdothis

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