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10 Ways To Add Value To Your Home During Quarantine

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

We've created a list of projects to keep you busy (or even busier) during quarantine. BONUS: all projects will add value to your home should you be preparing to sell. It's a WIN-WIN.

DIY Friendly Projects

#1 Clean your windows

Let the sunshine in! Clean windows = better photographs and a brighter and more inviting experience for Buyers or guests. My husband and I have even been taking our screens off and blinds down...we rinse them down with the hose to save time.

#2 Organize your closets

A little closet org never hurt anyone. Trust us, a Buyer wants to envision life with your closet... not life with a big pile of your laundry.

#3 Organize your garage and / or basement

There's a reason! We're not just crazy Marie Kondo fans. Buyers may see a cluttered space and think the house is cramped, plus a messy space can appear smaller than it actually is. Not to mention, life is just way more calm when everything has its place.

#4 Clear out the cobwebs

If you have a shop-vac, use that to clear them all out in the joists and around the windows in your basement.


You Might Consider A Professional Projects

#5 Swap out light fixtures

Nothing updates a home faster than a modern, Pinterest-worthy fixture! Ask our sister company, Style Space, for a recommendation!

#6 Paint inside and outside

Minimizing regular wear and tear on the home sets a buyers mind at ease. Less chipped paint makes your home feel much more move-in ready! At minimum, if you have white woodwork. Take some white paint and a Q-tip and touch up any of the obvious nicks on the woodwork.

#7 Re-caulk your tub/shower

No explanation needed...right?

#8 Clean your gutters

While you are doing this, let's make sure that all your downspouts are extending away from the home.


BONUS! Beat The Inspector List

It's better to know ahead of time if you'll need to do any major repairs than to learn during the time of inspection. Knocking these few items out now will save you time and headaches later.

#9 Service your furnace/A.C.

Let's get a clean bill of health for your HVAC could go a long way. Go one step further and you can hire a company to clean out your air ducts. We just did this and it made a WORLD of difference.

#10 Change the batteries in smoke detectors.

Make sure you have smoke detectors & CO2 detectors on each level of home (including basement).

#11 Grade your home

No, we aren't giving your house a rating. We are saying...add dirt! This is the #1 item that is mentioned on home inspections.


Questions, comments, wins, losses? Looking for a copy of our Sellers Guide? We're here for you.

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